Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Identified: 1869 Ripon College First Nine

Thanks to Valerie Viers, archivist at Ripon College, we were able to fully identify the players pictured in the Ripon College First Nine CDV.
This particular photograph was made at Wyckoff's Photographic Studio in Ripon, Wisconsin.

Standing, starting from left to right are Albert J. Miller, the Left Fielder, who was a preparatory student in 1869. Next to him is Benjamin F. Thomas, the Center Fielder who graduated from Ripon College in 1872. Then standing at far right is Albert F. Rust, who was the club's Right Fielder and graduated in 1870.

Sitting in the middle row are George Kingsbury, Third Baseman, Henry W. Akin, 2B, and Henry W. Wright, the First Baseman, who was a student in english and optional studies in 1869, just like his clubmate Kingsbury. Akin graduated in 1872.

Sitting in front are Mather D. Kimball, Short Stop, Class of 1871, Hal A. Cooper, the Pitcher, who graduated from college in 1872 just like his battery mate, Jess Fox Taintor.

In the photograph, which was taken in the same year baseball saw it's first professional club, the players were still wearing long pants uniforms. Kimball was holding a long bat, particular of this era and Cooper, the hurler, is shown holding his prized tool of the trade, a lemon peel style baseball.

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